"We need to clearly define their responsibilities for the quality of each product or service is put on the market from the manufacturing process until the completion of construction. We have to find new customers who actually pay for themselves, to behave with sincere attitude, must take due care to ensure that our customers use our products to be the most satisfied ... "- Bui Trong Dung, General Director, Chairman of Vietnam Dung Aluminum corporation (Quote Mandate of Aluminum corporation Vietnam Dung).

Vietnam appeared on the market since the late 90's, plastic aluminum composite panels, is one of the products with more dominance and built up a significant market share in the construction of Vietnam. As one of the pioneers in making plastic aluminum composite panels market to Vietnam, Bui Trong Dung (CEO, Chairman of Vietnam Dung Aluminum Corporation) have always carried with me the desire to reach out to nature of Vietnam, which is also the motto which he and all CB employees in his company towards every day, every hour, of every product.

Reporter (Reporter): Considered one of the pioneers with a product line of aluminum plastic composite panels, he has found that pioneer synonymous with difficulties?

Bui Trong Dung: It is true pioneers usually associated with difficulties. However, when we passed the difficult hurdle was the natural style is a prerequisite to success. Vietnam Dung is one of the leading companies providing products aluminum panels replace imported products mainly from China.

When discovered a type of product offers from overseas Vietnamese, capable of developing into a trend, I was burning to put this product in Vietnam market. At that time, Vietnam's market is almost no use of this material, except for a few works with foreign elements and the use is still limited, imports from foreign material with a very high price. After realizing the potential market, I started planning foreign market survey on this material. The first is to understand the use of the product on the construction market. The second is to learn the production process, the third is to learn the units provide technology, equipment and materials used to produce this prepari. Then proceed to the investment plan. Sub-investment deal is pretty much original than going after units. But what is the structure of detailed knowledge and processes to later pursue more favorable quality.

Currently, in addition to Vietnam Dung also had a number of production units of this item. And, it's time we succeeded thanks to its forefront. When Vietnam Dung began in this market, many units still do not understand what kind of product it is, how applications, Technical ... how relatively large differences in the products that are produced against Vietnam Dung with similar products on the market that is the construction oriented investment products and methodical, professional and proactive. The second difference, in the course of building construction plans for production, we take the quality-oriented products are the most major, is the goal and the lodestar to guide follow. This can be seen as a key factor to dominate the confidence of customers and dominate the Vietnam market.

Reporter: Did you speak to the issue of quality and orientation. However, consumers are not experts, how to recognize the difference?

Bui Trong Dung: This is something that the manufacturer is seriously disturbed. How do consumers see clearly the product quality to be able to find a most appropriate choice. Vietnam Dung investors always want to use the product will receive a quality compatible with the value of money. Need to find out specifications, applications for the characteristics of the product, work environment and methods of erection before deciding to choose this product to be used for work that was started Minh- customers first need to know before choosing the product.

First, the technical characteristics, the first difference in the aluminum cladding that is the use of paint used indoors or outdoors, this is also related to product cost. Next to the technical specifications, the technical specifications of this product has the characteristics obtained unlike other kinds of material such as wood or plastic that is common between the aluminum and plastic composite, so the size and complexity more complex. Usually information on a sheet of plywood is long size, width, thickness. But, in the aluminum-plastic composite panels, exaggerating the size of the plates also distinguish overall thickness of aluminum, aluminum layer is determinant to product prices as well as features in the application and method of construction. Many consumers today do not understand the material, technical characteristics and specifications of the product leads to faster flying colors.

Reporter: This is essential information for consumers. With Vietnam Dung own, 2012 can be considered as quite successful despite sluggish construction market. Thus, the strategic direction of the company in the future is what, sir?

Bui Trong Dung: Economic recession, the market is also difficult to find a time when contractors for themselves the appropriate choice and the most intelligent. We have confirmed the leading position thanks to the stable quality of the product. The production of standard products is not difficult, but proposed to maintain the level of uniformity in the quality of products in large quantities is not a simple thing. This requires management systems, apparatus engineering and platform for technical expertise of each department functions and quality management system ISO in a positive way. In fact, the management of ISO is one of the most important documents for business development. However, now is not always applicable. Employment is simple but people always leads to stagnation difficult compliant ISO system, so when you achieve stable will cause a great reputation in the market.

Aluminum panels, plastic products currently on the market is the development stage. Of course, as a rule, developers will develop peak, then decline slowed. That is the general rule. We continued to expand opaque oriented features of the product applications, building images and user guide to understand product characteristics, to the advantage of the product is shown to best works.

Prior to setting up investment projects, I myself can not imagine all the applications of the product. Then I just thought it would be applied as decorative facades of some major projects, and hoardings do billboard outdoor advertising ... But as the market develops, especially a lowered price, the date of application Cladding increasingly widespread as furniture, wall ...

Aluminum ceiling panels Alcorest- product away after the aluminum cladding is also a product away after the aluminum cladding is also one of the dominant products. We are also promoting trade and building distribution market, to introduce this product to the customer. Currently this product is being used in public facilities such as airports, railway stations, hospitals, supermarkets, offices, museums ... This is a potential market despite the spread in recent years slow. However, to continue to build this market persisted done and I believe it will grow in the near future.

Currently, Vietnam Dung products not only thrive in the domestic market but also boost exports to countries such as Italya, Taiwan, Korea, the Netherlands, Turkey ... Together, we I proceeded to give employees participate in international training courses on science and technology, management in developed countries like UK, USA, Japan ... to create the basis for a strong HR platforms, development lasting.

Reporter: Sincerely thank his share!

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